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Many people ask a farrier, "How in the world did you choose this profession?

As a child, horses always inspired my imagination. Their free-flowing motion had the ability to convey me to far-off adventures. The scents and sounds of horses ignited a passion in me. I purchased my first horse when I was 19 years.

I studied the craft of Farrier Science at the Mid-South Academy of Horseshoeing in Mississippi. Here, one of the largest accounts was shoeing horses for the USO at the Naval Air Training Station in Tennessee.

When I returned home, I was employed full-time at The Brookdale Medical Center and shod horses in my spare time. After four years I decided to pursue Farrier Science full time. That was 20 years ago.

I have been a guest speaker/clinician at:

  •  The Long Island Equine Medical Center
  •  The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University
  •  The International Equine Summit - Ohio
  •  American Farrier Assoc - Wellington, FL
  •  Equine Extravaganza - Richmond, VA
  •  The Florida Farriers Association - West Palm Beach, FL

I gave instructional presentations and demonstrations representing

  • Equilox International Adhesive Mfg. products
  • Easywalker Urethane Horseshoes

Have appeared twice on NY Metro TV, a half-hour show featuring Farrier practice and a typical day of work.

Have shod horses with special stage shoes for:

  •  The David Letterman Show
  •  Carnegie Hall
  •  Broadway Shows
  •  The Metropolitan Opera
  •  The New York City Ballet
  •  Radio City Music Hall

I was an evening instructor of Horseshoeing at the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). The class included licensed trainers, horse owners, potential farriers and NYPD mounted officers.

I am available as a guest speaker/clinician and for consultation and pre-purchase hoof evaluations.

New York State Education Certificate

Articles and Press

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