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Myself and my son Jesse who is also a Farrier, graduating from Cornell Veterinary Medical College's Farrier Program seven years ago.
l - r: Jim Gaffney (exercise rider for Secretariat-3 yr old),
daughter Brigette, Ron Turcott - Jockey for Triple Crown winner - Secretariat, Gary Werner,
Charlie Davis (exercise rider for Secretariat-2yr old)

l - r: Jesse Werner, Curtis Burns, Gary Werner. Taken at Belmont Racetrack.

Loading gate for Belmont Stakes, last leg of Triple Crown.

Ron Turcott - Jockey of Secretariat

        Loading gate for Running of 2008 Belmont Stakes

The aura of confidence. However, he missed out on the Triple Crown in 2008.
My Randy - 1995 - 2007 - My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am.

My new dog - Richard

My first riding experience

Poor man's stable. Former Gould Estate in Sands Point

Myself and my beautiful daughter at Belmont Racetrack.

Always ride with a helmet. Safety first, fashion second.

An Olympic jumper - named Sausage Boy

Claremont Riding Stables - 89th St. between Amsterdam and Broadway. At this 116 year old facility, I shod 50 horses over a 5 year period and had a shop in the basement of the stables, a great learning experience. I tended to every horse experiencing concussion-related issues. Most of their riding was on unforgiving NYC streets.

The stables closed its doors in 2007 and the building is being converted to condominiums.

Pulling up my driveway, hope I have a cold one in the 'fridge.

The End