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There are four main services I provide:

1. Barefoot Trimming

This is for the individul owner who's horse's hooves are excellent physiological and anatomical condition and thus can be barefoot. Where hoof growth exceeds the normal abrasive wearing, then trimming is an appropriate method of hoof maintenance.

Routine preventative hoof maintenance will retain the hoof integrity and soundness, ensuring the hoof can endure natural exposure to the environment and the horse's intended usage. Barefoot trimming procedures should be performed by a certified farrier.

2. Practical Horseshoeing

I perform routine farrier services which includes hoof trimming and affixing the horseshoes as a protective or as a traction device. Ground conditions, environment, sport athletics, hoof consistancy are all considerations in appropriately shoeing a horse. If hoof wear-out exceeds normal hoof growth, horseshoes are necessary to prevent eventual lameness.

3. Corrective Shoeing and Trimming

All farrier procedures are driven by anatomy and physiology. Hooves must be balanced proportionately for dynamic movement. I can provide symetrical restoration of the hoof wall to achieve equal distribution of the horse's mass on the circumference of the hoof.

I make horseshoe modifications, as necessary, to ease the horses movement while enhancing breakover and reducing fatigue..

4. Therapeutic Shoeing

Injuries to the hoof can range from mild to life-threatening. When a horse is predisposed to lameness or is presently lame, a prevententive maintenance program is required. My objective is to assist the recouperative process. An accurate diagnosis of the condition is made and a treatment plan is recommended. This is explained clearly to the owner and veterinarian, if necessary. I am qualified in the use of therapeutic horseshoes, non-invasive glue-on horseshoes and performing hoof restoration.

You can see examples of different treatments in the section of Case Studies.